Andrew Mcilhone

andrew-profile-picAndrew Mcilhone Jackson Kayak pro staff.

Born and raised in a small fishing village on the North East cost of Ireland. Iv been mad about the outdoors from I was a child and there’s nothing more I enjoy than being afloat at sea or fresh water.
I grew up in my fathers foot steps with fishing in my blood, from bank fishing or shore fishing to sea angling from boats and later on to further develop to Kayak angling.

Iv always been into kayaking so I once witnessed kayak angling for the first time I bought one and have never looked back.
The opportunities are endless as one can simple throw it on the roof and travel anywhere to fish around the country, what’s even better is that there is no marina fees nor running costs and you can literally launch them anywhere with out any hassle.
Targeting species from a kayak is no different to a boat, slightly more challenging but none the less doable. As the biggest growing sport in the world you have probable all already witnessed some of the monster fish landed all over the world to date.  There is no better adrenaline rush than hooking into a monster and being towed about while trying to land it.

During the spring and summer months i love to fish in the sea all around the country targeting anything that swims and when the weather turns bad during winter I fish the sheltered lakes and rivers in the midlands of Ireland for shelter targeting fresh water species. If doable during winter I love to get out to sea to fish for Cod and Ling.