Graham Smith


Hi there.

I have been kayak angling for at least 10 years,

I am based in Inishowen co.Donegal Ireland. I fish mostly around Donegal and do all aspects of kayak angling.

I started off like most chasing pollock and wrasse on in shore marks getting to grips with kayak angling.

Things have moved on a lot since then and I big into the bigger species now. Tope, common skate, porbeagle shark and blue shark are my real favourites but I still love to fish for all the usual species. Pollock, wrasse, gurnard, mullet and so on. I have 38 species so far this year.


I am currently sponsored by Typhoon international, Stealth Kayaks and have some connections with shamrock tackle Ireland. I have been attending angling shows on Irish kayak angling stand in 2013 and 2014 and this year I was brought to France to help on the Stealth kayaks stand for 3 days showing the kayaks and doing re-entry demo’s.

6th and 7th, 9,2015

A great days fun at st. John’s point killybegs with a friend paddling with blue fin tuna and mixed species fishing. I got some brilliant video of squid after my lures. It’s on youtube.

Well yesterday I had a common skate of 60lb along with scad, ling, mackerel, gurnard, pollock it was a great day out and I got some excellent under water video of a tope following a common skate round. Some great video will be up soon

In the future.

I love trying the extreme and going for species that most kayak anglers won’t. I hope to get another porbeagle shark before the season is over and some more skate fishing. Then on to some winter stuff.

Like rainbow trout on the fly, herring and whatever else I can find.


Currently I have a youtube channel called gsmithkayakangling.

I have 99 video’s at present with 177,808 views, and 330 subscribers.

I have about enough video for some more good videos .

I got some excellent action of squid attacking lures and a tope following a common skate around and the same skate then taking my bait. All the videos are very clear.

I also currently have my own blog called Donegal kayak angler, it is running about a year now and has 18,000+ views.

So that is a brief of what I have been up to this year.